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Divi 4.0 and a MacBook Pro giveaway!

9. oktober 2019

May I start presenting what is at stake here?

Elegant Themes, the company behind one of the world’s leading WordPress visual builder themes Divi, are giving away a free MacBook Pro, while we all wait for their new upcoming release of Divi 4.0. This giveaway is of course a promotion campaign for Divi 4.0, which understandably is a little off-putting to some, but the giveaway is still legit none the less. Enter the competition through this short link: https://wn.nr/bhCAvC. Take a minute to read on.

The new Divi 4.0

Divi 4.0 is another large jump to the world of creating websites, where content builders often dominate the more functionally simple websites that still need a gentle touch of a modern design. Divi’s builder is a visual builder, letting you create your website as if you were painting a picture on a canvas. The possibilities of adding colors, fonts, backgrounds, hover-effects, animations and so on are endless within Divi’s visual builder. Are you a web-designer, or are you simply just interested in playing around with a visual and very user-friendly website builder, you should definitely try downloading Divi and take it for a spin!

Divi had its major breakthrough when Divi 3.0 was launched, introducing the visual builder, which has since slowly outphased the default editor – the old normal drag-and-drop editor. It was a huge success, and these days the default/classic builder is dropping out. The visual builder has become so advanced, while keeping the interface straight and simple, so the average person can get into it.

New features

Divi 4.0 introduces a lot of new features, but the most important aspect of the update will be the new theme building aspect. Divi now rises from a page builder to an overall theme builder. Where you previously had free hands within your pages’ content, you now have the possibility to edit the whole theme, meaning setting up headers, footers, and even creating templates. For a developer, this update will be a major change in how we can deliver a complete and easy-to-use website to our clients. Definitely worth the subscription – or the lifetime purchase. To us that expense was covered in our 3rd website in Divi. I can only encourage you to try it out.

Need a web designer?

Are you not one of those types to sit down and design your own website? I understand. You are probably not a developer and you probably don’t have the time. I will highly recommend keeping your website’s standards up to date anyway, as a website is a must-have for any business – even as an online business card or a portfolio. The possibilities are endless!

StepUp Media is just one of many fine companies offering their high expertise in website development, SEO and online marketing. Well, their Trust Pilot rating speaks for itself. Their website also has a great page with cases, so you can see if their previous work speaks to you. Check them out here: https://stepupmedia.dk/

BUT! These days it’s all about Divi 4.0 and the MacBook Pro giveaway. Do you want a chance to win? Enter the competition through this short link: https://wn.nr/bhCAvC. Best of luck in the giveaway!



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